About Us

Hello chef, we’re here to help you get hired.

How? Well it's simple, really. We’ve built a platform where Chefs looking for work in London and Employers meet.

Only Chefs is not a traditional job board, instead we’re a place where Chefs can create and post a 'hire-me' profile about what makes them great, listing experiences, qualifications and more that recruiters and employers can easily review against their hiring needs. You post, we promote, employers search - contacting you directly to discuss job opportunities. That’s right, no more applying to endless ads and never hearing back.

We’re bringing together talented Chefs with the best London employers in away that’s never been seen before in hospitality recruitment - all of which means you can get a job quicker and with less hassle than using more traditional methods.

Exclusively focused on London, Only Chefs has been created for you by a team of experienced hospitality and recruitment professionals. We’re here to help you advance your career and at the same time ensure employers can quickly and cost effectively find and recruit the best talent in town!

Registering with us is easy, so join now and get a step closer to your dream job.