How It Works

It's simple, really.

We've built a platform where Chefs looking for work and Employers meet.

At Only Chefs we've literally turned job searching on it's head in away that’s never been seen before in hospitality recruitment. Our approach is simple, you post (a profile), we promote and employers search - contacting you directly to discuss great job opportunities. That’s right, no more applying to endless ads and never hearing back.

Only Chefs has been created for you by a team of experienced hospitality and recruitment professionals. We’re here to help you advance your career and at the same time ensure employers can quickly and cost effectively find and recruit the best talent in town! Find out more below.

For Chefs

  • Registration is free.
  • Setting up an account is easy and will take you less time than chopping an onion!
  • Once you’re registered you’ll be able to get direct job offers from employers without having to apply to endless ads.
  • Use our simple form to create your very own chef profile.
  • Highlight why someone should hire you and list your skills and experiences to potential employers.
  • Upload a CV and picture or even a video to support your profile. You can add your social media accounts too.
  • Once you’ve posted your profile, you’ll be instantly visible to lots of top employers.
  • We’ll also share your profile with our networks and promote you across our social media channels.
  • Our clever employer matching technology will ensure that you get contacted directly about top (relevant) jobs!
  • Once you’ve posted your chef profile you’ll be entitled to a range of member only extras:
  • Exclusive job opportunities direct from leading employers.
  • Member only career content, inc. live web chats featuring world-class chefs.
  • Access to CV review and writing services, chef publications and more!

For Employers and Recruiters

  • Registration is quick and simple.
  • Setting up an account will enable you to shortlist chefs straight away for free.
  • Sign up and you’ll be one step closer to hiring great chef talent - quickly and cost effectively.
  • The unique way we display chef profiles means you can search and shortlist suitable talent in record time!
  • With us you don’t need to write job ads – so you’ll have more time to engage your shortlist and stay ahead of competitors.
  • You can create as many shortlists as you like, for free.
  • Once you've built your shortlist, connecting with chefs is literally as easy as pie!
  • Just select one of our access passes, buy online and get instant access to all our chefs.
  • Our passes let you download CVs, use our message platform and access a candidate’s social media page links.
  • Only Chefs will add real tangible value to your recruitment strategy - enabling you to hire better, quicker and cheaper.
  • Joining us gives you instant access to a motivated pool of chefs looking for a career move.
  • As a member you’ll also get access to a range of tools from our jobs by email service, to featured employer profiles and much more!


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