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3 Dec, 2015

Chef jobseeker? Social media pitfalls to avoid

                  Without a doubt, social media offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for chefs looking for their next job. However, these opportunities don’t come without some potential pitfalls – so here’s our top list of things to steer well clear of: Lying about your work history […]

23 Nov, 2015

Using Twitter to find a chef job

As one of the most prominent and widely used social media platforms on the Internet, Twitter presents a great way for chefs to share fun and interesting moments from the kitchen, and of course great pictures of food! However, as many businesses start to use Twitter more frequently as a recruiting resource this popular social […]

20 Nov, 2015

Using a CV writing expert

The most important step in getting a job is getting past the initial ‘CV sift’ phase and securing an interview. Creating a CV that stands out from the crowd is the best thing you can do to secure that next chef opportunity, but being able to present your skills and experience in an attention-grabbing way […]

18 Nov, 2015

Dealing with a tasting interview

Depending on the chef job you’re going for you will almost certainly be asked to do a tasting.  The tasting may be market basket based, a creative tasting that you can partially prepare, or simply a run through of some of the property’s signature dishes. Generally tastings show a few but not all-important aspects of […]

16 Nov, 2015

7 Tips for avoiding video CV mistakes

As a chef looking for work you’ve undoubtedly put together a CV that can be sent off to recruiters and used to apply for jobs posted online. This will focus on communicating a professional image of yourself and your career achievements to date. Increasingly though, jobseekers looking for hospitality roles need ways to stand out […]

13 Nov, 2015

CVs aren’t dead yet chef!

Even though we are seeing a move towards CV-less recruiting in more high-tech industry sectors, companies in general and certainly in hospitality are still recruiting with CVs. However, the idea that companies are just hiring based on the contents of a two-sided piece of A4 paper is no longer true. Most recruiters will also be […]

9 Nov, 2015

Why CV keywords matter in your chef CV

Years ago, when CVs were still sent to employers through the post, job seekers hoped details like a high-quality paper stock and unique, professional formatting would catch the eye of an employer. These days, things are a little different. First of all, it’s rare that employers even accept paper CVs anymore. Second, and more importantly, […]

27 Oct, 2015

Why you need to blog to get that chef job

Think of the word “blog” and what comes to mind? Mummy bloggers? People posting funny cat videos? Well, not anymore. Today’s savvy chef job seekers are blogging their way to success and new opportunities. Here’s why a blog can get you your next job. It’s your CV, only better. Everyone has a CV, but a […]

14 Oct, 2015

5 ways to boost the appeal of your head chef CV

Is your CV failing to bring in the interviews for head chef jobs that you believe it should? If the answer is yes, it may be time to give it a facelift. The good news is there are a number of simple ways to change the look and feel of your CV in order to […]