Helping Chefs in London Get Hired


16 Sep, 2016

Top tips for hiring success with Only Chefs

With the highest ever rate of new restaurant openings (179!) in the capital recorded this year, coupled with a much publicised chef shortage gripping the UK, it’s hardly surprising that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract, hire and retain chefs. All is not lost though and since our launch we have helped a wide variety […]

5 Sep, 2016

Handling chef job interview questions

Chef job interview questions If you’re interviewing for a chef job, in addition to the tasting part of the interview where you’ll be asked to cook, you should also be prepared for a sit down chat with your potential new employer where they’ll want to ask you a few questions and get to know you. […]

18 Jul, 2016

Becoming a chef patron – pitfalls to avoid

Just as a good home cook doesn’t necessarily make a good chef, nor does a good chef necessarily make a good chef patron. In our latest blog post we asked a number of successful chef owners what key pitfalls should be avoided by chefs looking to start their own kitchen (and business). Here is a […]

28 Jun, 2016

Renowned chef Daniel Green joins Only Chefs

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Green, internationally renowned Chef and healthy eating expert has joined our panel of on demand, senior level experts providing leading consultancy services to the food sector. Through his expertise in devising and developing exciting food solutions for customers, Daniel’s work has been instrumental in shaping the success of […]

21 Feb, 2016

H&C News meets Only Chefs

Article taken from Hospitality and Catering News This week we met with Mark Milner, Founder of Only Chefs to gain a better understanding of this newly launched web business. Only Chefs is a unique and exciting new platform set-up to help chefs find work. Tell us about Only Chefs? Only Chefs is all about helping […]

15 Feb, 2016

Chef jobs abroad

Its fair to say that every nation takes pride in the quality and type of cuisine they serve up, so asking a group of chefs which country is the best place to get a job abroad will almost certainly lead to a diverse range of answers from one chef to the next. The location we […]

3 Feb, 2016

Managing stress & motivation in the kitchen

We’ve been interviewing a range of Executive and Head chefs from our network to find out more about how they manage stress and motivate their staff before, during and after service. The chefs we spoke to came from branded restaurants right up to to Michelin level kitchens. Below are some of the key themes that […]

25 Jan, 2016

Chef jobs outside of the kitchen

Chef jobs outside of the kitchen to consider In the past, working in food typically meant becoming a restaurant chef. But today, it’s hard to even keep track of the diverse range of opportunities in the culinary industry. From food television to cookbook publishing, owning / operating a restaurant to crafting unique pastry products, there […]

13 Jan, 2016

What culinary school doesn’t tell you

We’re only a small team (at the moment) but 80% of us went to culinary school in the UK. Collectively, the time spent learning to be a chef was greatly enjoyed, but after spending time working in commercial kitchens its fair to say there’s plenty these schools don’t tell you! Lets leave the get a […]

4 Jan, 2016

Managing Millennials in the kitchen

Gordon Ramsey has become very well known, not only for his successful businesses and culinary skills, but also for his hot and volatile temper (aka Hell’s Kitchen). While this old-school style of managing a kitchen may seem entertaining and undoubtedly keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, in reality chef’s who run kitchens […]