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6 Mar, 2017

10 questions ALL chefs want the answers to

For a bit of fun we recently ran a web poll to uncover all those soul searching questions that only chefs who work in a kitchen want to know the answers to! Many of your responses had us in fits of laughter (even if they were a little rude!). Below is our top 10 (in […]

2 Feb, 2017

Only Chefs competition winner announcement

Thank you to everyone who entered our new year competition to win win £250 of Oliver Harvey chef wear, we’ve had an amazing response! As per the competition T&Cs the random draw took place on the 1st February 2017 and we are delighted to announce that Ben Ratcliffe from London was picked, and is the […]

16 Jan, 2017

5 top tips to get noticed when job searching

If you’re a chef looking for your next career move, here are five great tips to make sure you get noticed and hired by the best employers: 1. Find ways to let your creativity shine As every HR manager will tell you: CVs say very little. How much information can people really fit onto one […]

2 Jan, 2017

To chef or not to chef?

Becoming a chef can be a great career move but it takes the right type of personality to succeed, and it’s definitely nowhere near as glamorous as it seems on TV. If you’re spending all of your time dreaming about going on to Master Chef the Professionals and cooking everybody off the planet, ultimately this […]

8 Dec, 2016

How to avoid chef job scams

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can set up a website these days, so it’s no surprise that scams are becoming more common among people looking for a new job. Recruitment scams aren’t that much different to the other online scams you may have heard about in the news. Online scam artists usually contact […]

21 Nov, 2016

Tips on using Google+ to find a chef job

Although Google+ has taken a while to gain momentum, it’s starting to become more popular with businesses and individuals alike. As with rivals Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is also becoming more popular as a platform for chefs looking for work to showcase their expertise and connect with employers and recruiters across the globe. Here are […]

16 Sep, 2016

Top tips for hiring success with Only Chefs

With the highest ever rate of new restaurant openings (179!) in the capital recorded this year, coupled with a much publicised chef shortage gripping the UK, it’s hardly surprising that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract, hire and retain chefs. All is not lost though and since our launch we have helped a wide variety […]

5 Sep, 2016

Handling chef job interview questions

If you’re interviewing for a chef job, in addition to the tasting part of the interview where you’ll be asked to cook, you should also be prepared for a sit down chat with your potential new employer where they’ll want to ask you a few questions and get to know you. To help you master […]

18 Jul, 2016

Becoming a chef patron – pitfalls to avoid

Just as a good home cook doesn’t necessarily make a good chef, nor does a good chef necessarily make a good chef patron. In our latest blog post we asked a number of successful chef owners what key pitfalls should be avoided by chefs looking to start their own kitchen (and business). Here is a […]