What does a Head Chef really want for Xmas?

1 Dec, 2019

What does a Head Chef really want for Xmas, apart from new knives and more time off? We’ll, we asked a whole bunch of chefs we have registered on Only Chefs and this is what they said (in no particular order).

8 things that would really make a difference to a Head Chefs daily life as the year draws to a close.

Cost control becomes everyone’s priority

When cost control and profitability lie in the hands of the Head Chef alone then success is very hard to reach. When chefs and service staff treat ingredients and their associated costs as if it came out of their paycheck then control and profitability works.

Everyone puts themselves in the shoes of the KP

Everyone thinks twice about the number of pots and pans used, thoroughly scrapes and properly stacks pans and dishes, rinses before food turns to concrete and don’t fill soap and sanitiser set sinks up with dirty pans!

Front of house teams understand the challenges faced by the kitchen and vice versa

Both jobs are challenging and when each person learns to appreciate the other then the resulting team effort makes work a lot easier to tolerate for everyone.

All the kitchen team label, date and rotate foods without being told to do so!

Not hard to do and just a few seconds more time and everyone’s life is going to get a lot easier!

Unhappy customers point out their disappointment before doing so online

When social media review sites become the guests preferred outlet for dissatisfaction then the restaurant and Head Chef never have a chance to correct something face to face and in the moment.

Everyone returns items to where they belong
Where is the blade for the Robot Coupe, Piano Whisk – the list goes on and on. Remember ‘Mise en Place’ – everything has a place and everything is in its place.

Suppliers meeting demand
The right product, at the right time, in the right condition is not always a given at this time of year, but it would be great if it was!

Equipment doesn’t break down on weekends, holidays or after 5pm
Why is it that things always seem to break down when it is either impossible to get a repair-person on site or they charge double for after hours service?

Whatever you have planned for the festive season. Enjoy and good luck for 2019.


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