Tips on using Google+ to find a chef job

21 Nov, 2016

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Although Google+ has taken a while to gain momentum, it’s starting to become more popular with businesses and individuals alike. As with rivals Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is also becoming more popular as a platform for chefs looking for work to showcase their expertise and connect with employers and recruiters across the globe.

Here are 10 top tips for using Google+ to find a chef job.

1. If you don’t have a profile on Google+, create one!
If you already have one, make sure its optimised. Optimising your profile means fully completing all the detailed information on your profile to ensure you increase your visibility to employers. Remember to Include industry related keywords so you appear in relevant chef searches.

2. Use the Circles and other community features to connect with influential people
More importantly, add those people who are already employed in your target companies, and where possible participate in their conversations to attract attention.

3. Use the Hangouts feature to take your efforts to the next level
Learn the basic rules and regulations of participating in hangouts first though to make sure you get the most out of them.

4. Find opportunities to highlight your talents and skills
Grab the attention of companies or employers or employees (such as Head / Executive Chefs) by showcasing some of your food pics. This will help to demonstrate how your experience is benefiting others. It’s also a good idea to ask questions related to the kind of job you are looking for.

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5. Engage
When you genuinely engage on Google+ by contributing to discussions, attending Hangouts etc, you will naturally encounter people looking to hire or be hired. The key is to be genuine and yourself online while remaining professional at all times.

6. Use Google+ as an online portal
Google+ also offers you the facility to link to the profiles that you may have on other social platforms. Whether it’s a blog or your profile details, don’t forget to put the links in your Google+ profile so others can find out more about you. Do include your Instagram account if you use this site to upload lots of food pics!

7. Build quality relationships

It really is quality not quantity that counts so focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with other professional chefs on Google+. This will help you build out your online presence while demonstrating your skills and expertise. By connecting with your target employers, recruiting companies and co-workers, you’ll help to maximise your career opportunities.

8. Build your professional brand
Just lLike other social networking platforms, Google+ also provides you with an opportunity to build your personal brand. In doing so, think about how you want to represent yourself online and always remember to think before you post! With business and personal network lines becoming more and more blurred, getting your approach right from the start will reap benefits in the future.

9. Share your best content

Interesting content is king so share it with the people in your Circles to get noticed and build your online reputation.

10. Keep it going

Sounds simple but to get real success you have to keep posting and adding to your Google+ network on a regular basis – otherwise you’ll just end up being a one-hit wonder!

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