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20 Nov, 2015

CV writing expertThe most important step in getting a job is getting past the initial ‘CV sift’ phase and securing an interview. Creating a CV that stands out from the crowd is the best thing you can do to secure that next chef opportunity, but being able to present your skills and experience in an attention-grabbing way can often be difficult.

Many chefs have problems drawing out their strengths and matching them with what employers are looking for (especially when most spend many hours in the kitchen!) Thankfully though, after working with an expert to restructure their CV, incorporating and illustrating viable skills, chefs often find the number of interview offers notably increases.

CV writing experts can also help ensure that applications are supported by strong-targeted cover letters, that complement and frame the CV to make it seem like the job description was written just for you!

What should you look for in a provider?

The three key elements in choosing a CV writing service are: capabilities / experience, cost, and ‘personal touch.’ The CV service you select should be able to handle the full range of preparation services, including CV review / rewriting, cover letters, and personal statements. Check out potential providers’ websites to make sure they have the following as a minimum:

  1. Interactive worksheets for submitting your CV information.
  2. A free-call or lo-call number for direct communication / technical assistance.
  3. CV and cover letter samples so you can judge the quality of their work.

Be sure to avoid websites that are cluttered and confusing because it’s likely that this is how your CV will end up looking! It’s important to get the ‘best CV service you can’ rather than just the best local service. Know who will be creating the CV – will it be the company expert or will it be a less proficient member of staff? The often-used comment ‘there’s no substitute for experience’ still rings true. Use an established CV company with a solid track record of CV preparation.

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CV service cost

The cost of getting help to produce a great CV is small considering the money already invested in your career to date, and the importance of an excellent CV in securing that dream chef job! However, you should price match / compare costs and features to make sure the service you are considering is right for you (as well as value for money).

Make sure the company you choose guarantees your satisfaction, but beware of services that offer unusually inexpensive costs. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Do also look out for companies that offer extras or add-ons, such as reviewing and rewriting your LinkedIn profile, for example. These extra services can be great to support a new CV, especially as so many hiring managers also conduct a ‘social search’ of candidates as part of the hiring process.

The ‘personal touch’

Only use a CV service that can provide you with a personalised and engaging service – one where you can have direct communication with the CV provider through e-mail and phone. It’s important to have this interaction so that your CV truly puts you in the best light. You have to feel comfortable with the service, and most of all, be delighted with the output – this will be key in helping you secure your next chef job and advance your career.

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