CVs aren’t dead yet chef!

13 Nov, 2015

CVs aren't dead yetEven though we are seeing a move towards CV-less recruiting in more high-tech industry sectors, companies in general and certainly in hospitality are still recruiting with CVs.

However, the idea that companies are just hiring based on the contents of a two-sided piece of A4 paper is no longer true. Most recruiters will also be reviewing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog commentary (for certain roles), and mentions in the media before making a recruitment decision.

A CV is no longer the universal passport to an interview.

The traditional CV is not dead but is losing its sovereign status as the universal passport into interviews and employment.

The Ned Hotel - Hiring Chefs 2017

While most employers still ask for a CV it has become one important document amongst many, and a reference point or hub linking to a candidate’s wider social media profile.

Since LinkedIn profiles, (in particular), Twitter and Facebook are subject to much more public scrutiny, it makes it harder to embellish information on social media profiles than in a CV, thus giving weight to the argument that social media profiles are gaining in credibility as a tool to understand more about what a candidate is really like.

Potentially a social media profile is a far richer information source than a CV, which are very one-dimensional. Recruiters in some industry sectors can already get much broader and deeper information about a candidate’s skills and behaviour by reviewing their social media profile.  This more ‘real-time’ review of a candidate is for some already informing hiring decisions, and while there is still real power in a well worded, employer specific covering letter (or video!) to show commitment to a job being applied for, the traditional CV as a standalone hiring tool is definitely on borrowed time!

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