Head chef? Here’s 5 ways to boost the appeal of CV

15 Jul, 2020

Boost the appeal of your head chef CV today

5 ways to boost your head chef CV today

The last few months have been tough and although we are starting to emerge from full lockdown, things are set to remain challenging for at least the rest of this year. However, companies are hiring and although competition can be stiff, now is the perfect time to review your head chef CV.

Updating a CV is often seen as a real chore, but the good news is there are a number of simple things you can do to enhance your chef CV in order to help you land your dream job.

1. Place a headline statement at the top of your chef CV

This is a great feature to add to the top of your chef CV, replacing the objective statement of yesteryear. A headline statement is a keyword-rich, value-driven statement that works to really sell your skills and expertise as a head chef to a prospective employer quickly (no more than 10-15 seconds). Putting a headline statement on your chef CV can do a great job of convincing hiring managers to read on, and find out more about your skills and experience.

2. Highlight your top 5 relevant chef career achievements

If your chef CV isn’t getting the attention it needs, it may be that hiring managers are taking too much time trying to locate the details of your career that make you stand out from the pack and relevant for their head chef job. By highlighting three to five standout moments relating directly to the position you want, a hiring manager can immediately recognise you as the right candidate. Tell them what you did and what it achieved – everyone is always interested in the outcome.

3. Create white space 

You may be in the midst of an amazing career, but if you describe it using dense, heavily-worded paragraphs with little white space, no manager or recruiter will take the time to read about it. Break up some of the copy with bullet points, create clear section headers, make sure your margins are appropriate and format with bold and italicised words to make important copy stand out. Less is more! You are aiming for employers to contact you – once they’ve done that, you can go into a lot more detail about why you’re the right candidate for their job.

4. Tailor to specific companies and chef positions

Any employer who reads your chef CV wants to know only one thing about you – that you have what it takes to be their next head chef. If you are in the habit of creating generic CVs, then it’s time to begin tailoring yours to showcase how your specific skills and accomplishments can aid the company you want to work with. Conduct research on the company and choose education, job history, and qualifications that match its needs. This shows that you are perfectly aligned to the position being offered!

5. Zero in on your chef leadership qualities

There are a lot of ways to showcase your chef leadership qualities. One way is to eliminate passive phrases like “duties included” and instead start your sentences with action words like accelerated, optimised, pioneered, and initiated. Another way is to get rid of repetitive job descriptions and add value-driven achievements to prove your worth. Don’t forget to choose examples that highlight your depth of food knowledge, cost control, strategic planning, operations and chef management skills.

Boosting the appeal of your head chef CV requires a little bit of time and energy, but after spending a some time making important changes, you may alter the fate of your chef job search. Take a good look at your CV to see if it needs a little TLC – it may make all the difference in securing your next head chef job!

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