Questions All Chefs Want Answering

Questions Chefs Want Answering

Editor’s note: Questions All Chefs Want Answering was originally published in March 2017 and updated in May 2022.

For a bit of fun we recently ran a web poll to uncover those burning questions that all chefs who work in a kitchen want to know the answers to…

It’s great to see so many of you get involved. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate, and for the laughs you gave us here in the office. Lots of amusing replies, with a few too risqué to publish here!

Questions all chefs want answering

Below is our Top 10 (in no particular order) – compiled from the results we received.

1. Why is it so difficult for front of house staff to stack plates properly?
2. Why does all fruit come with a sticker on it that’s almost impossible to peel off?
3. Why is it always so difficult to find the right lid for the right pot?
4. Why do my co-workers insist on saying “there’s still some left” when clearly there isn’t?
5. Why is it impossible to make everything microwave-proof?
6. How come the gluten free, vegans always turn up during a service from hell?
7. Why does my boss insist on asking me why I had to work overtime, again?
8. Why is it so difficult to find the end of the plastic wrap when you’re in a hurry?
9. How come all trainees find it so difficult to understand “behind you”?
10. Why would front of house staff let a table of 8 in for dinner 2 minutes before the end of service?

Keep pushing chef – you know you love the kitchen as much as we do! Don’t forget to check-in with us regularly for career related blog posts, and feel free to share with your networks. We’re here to help progress your chef career.

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