Chef exercises you can do at work

30 Jun, 2021
Chef exercises

Chef exercises you can do at work

If you’re a chef its probably been a while (due to Covid-19) since you’ve spent long periods of time in the kitchen. So, with this in mind and in the hope we can all hold off those aching feet, legs and back for a while, we’ve found some of the best exercises that you can do at work, to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Press ups. For your feet chef

It wouldn’t be very hygienic to drop and do twenty press ups on a kitchen floor but this doesn’t mean your feet can’t get some reps in. Starting on your heels, put your weight onto the heels of your feet and then lift your toes into the air. This will help stretch all the muscles in your feet. After you’ve completed about 10-20 reps, do the same with your heel. Place your weight onto the balls of your feet, then lift your body up. This small exercise can also help tone your calves and benefit circulation.

Shrug those shoulders chef

Perhaps avoid this one when you’re talking to your colleague or your boss! This is great for keeping your shoulders loose and removing tension in your back. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, like an exaggerated version of a ‘I don’t mind’ shrug and then release. Each time you raise your shoulders, wiggle and stretch your shoulder blades for extra relief.

Move your hips chef

Keeping your hips loose is beneficial for your back, you don’t want to be standing still all day as your back will make you regret it later. This is a simple one, most people will think you’re just jamming along with the radio or a song in your head so it’s a discreet exercise too. Just a tip though – keep a look out for who’s behind you!

Using your hips like weighing scales, sway from side to side. It’s a light and relaxing exercise, don’t strain yourself, just keep a steady motion and just pull the muscles in your hips slightly to give a small stretch. After you’ve had enough (twenty reps should be plenty), move your hips in a circular motion, first, counter-clockwise and then do the same clockwise. This little exercise moves the weight in your feet as well to help relieve stress from your heels.

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Keep those feet moving chef!

You know when you are on a long distance flight and you are recommended to keep moving your feet every so often, well that also helps with standing still. Wiggle your toes, flex your feet, stretch your ankles and bend your knees. When you are working, it can be easy to forget to keep yourself moving. Simple exercises like this can help with circulation and avoid aching pains at the end of the day.

Squats chef

You might want to save this one for when the kitchen is a bit quieter so you don’t end up knocking into someone. The squat movement is one of the most popular exercises you can do. Why? Because it works. Squats make the muscles in your legs, your thighs and your bum work hard. Standing still can cause aches up along your legs and the lower end of your spine, this workout stretches all the muscles, increases your heart rate and helps tone your muscles. If this is your first time doing squats, take it easy and each time you do the exercise, increase your reps.

And, lastly, don’t forget comfortable shoes. It goes without saying but you need shoes that protect and keep your feet comfortable by providing ample support for those long hours.

These simple exercises can help keep your muscles stretched, but if you’re in any doubt about whether you should be doing them or not, consult your GP first.

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