Using Instagram to Find a Chef Job

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Editor’s note: Using Instagram to Find a Chef Job was originally published in June 2017 and most recently updated in May 2022.

Owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), Instagram the photo and video sharing service is the world’s second largest social network.

In recent times, Instagram has seen a surge in use by hiring managers. The ultra-visual platform is increasingly being integrated into recruitment and marketing strategies to bring a company’s culture, values and brand to life online.

This makes it a fantastic place for chefs to research potential employers when they’re looking for a job.  But also as a great place for chefs to showcase their skills where they’ll be seen by recruiters looking for chefs. Win-win.

Using Instagram to Find a Chef Job – 5 top tips

Research a potential employer

Scrolling through a company’s Instagram page is a quick way of you seeing how their culture, values and brand come to life online. Great information to know ahead of any interview.

Search for current chef jobs

Although Instagram isn’t a job board, many companies post their chef job vacancies on the platform. Do a hashtag search for #chefjob, #chefjobs, #chefjobslondon etc. and sort by most recent, to get a list of vacancies you can explore further.

Engage with potential chef recruiters

Who is on your ‘I-would-love-to-work-for-them’ list? Check out Nitrogram to find organisations on Instagram. Then get following their Instagram pages! Companies want to hire people who want to work for their brand. Engage with their social media. Like their photos, participate in online discussions and interact their content.

Also make sure you’re following other chefs that you would like to work with – you never know where an online conversation may lead to.

Using Instagram to Find a Chef Job – be authentic to appeal to recruiters looking for chefs

In the world of digital, authenticity and points of difference always catch more people’s attention. Don’t just post what others are posting. Think about your unique selling points and make sure your posts demonstrate this. You need to be yourself, not a copycat of any other chef you’ve seen posting on the platform.

Resist the temptation to think of your Instagram story as a competition entry. It just needs to be an authentic portrayal of who you are as chef and human. Think of it as a place to show and tell the world about who you are, how and what you deliver as a chef. Try not to be self conscious about the process. Do this well and recruiters will be DM’ you about their jobs in no time.

Showcase your chef skills

Think of your Instagram profile and story as a modern-day chef work portfolio.

As a visual platform you will share this via photos, video and text. Treat it as a visual CV of your chef skills, chef experience, chef strengths and food interests.

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It doesn’t need to be focused solely on your professional pursuits, but it should be work appropriate. Think APPropriate when posting: A is for Appropriate, P is for Professional, P is for Public/Private – be mindful of your privacy settings.

Examples of ok-to-post Instagram content would include:

• Your fabulous finished food creations, of course
• Videos snippets of your chef work
• Reposts of on-point content from other Instagram accounts
• Training events you attended
• Networking events you attended
• Inspirational quotes
• Sports you participate in
• Hobbies
• Volunteer work
• Landmark moments that occur in day-to-day life.

Recruiters who visit your Insta, should be able to understand you on a more personal level compared to a LinkedIn profile, and see you as a more multidimensional candidate having visited your account.

Using Instagram to Find a Chef Job – 5 account must dos when chef job hunting

• Make sure your headshot matches your LinkedIn profile.
• Get a free Linktree account as this will let you add multiple links from your Instagram account to other places online such as your LinkedIn profile, website etc.
• Use your bio to share your chef career goals.
• Use keywords (and/or hashtags) in your bio you want to be recognised for, as there is a keyword search function anyone (including recruiters) can use.
• Use Instagram to research popular tags being used by chefs and use relevant tags when posting your own chef content.

Have fun with this ultra-visual platform and enjoy the learning, connections and inspiration it can bring to life in and outside of the kitchen, whether or not you are using Instagram to find a chef job at this time.

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