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14 Dec, 2015

Using Pinterest to find a chef job

Gone are the days of Pinterest having a measly 10 million users, in fact, recent statistics show that the site now has more than 176 million registered members, with 100 million of these regularly posting and sharing content. With such impressive growth over the last couple of years, Pinterest offers some great opportunities for chef […]

7 Dec, 2015

Why you need an elevator pitch chef

Elevator what? Elevator pitch – yes we know it would be more British to stay ‘lift’, but it wouldn’t be half as enthusiastic or American(y) if we didn’t go with ‘elevator’. Anyway, basically, these days if you’re a chef looking for a job you should have an elevator pitch – a pre-prepared, short, memorable speech […]

23 Nov, 2015

Using Twitter to find a chef job

As one of the most prominent and widely used social media platforms on the Internet, Twitter presents a great way for chefs to share fun and interesting moments from the kitchen, and of course great pictures of food! However, as many businesses start to use Twitter more frequently as a recruiting resource this popular social […]

27 Oct, 2015

Why you need to blog to get that chef job

Think of the word “blog” and what comes to mind? Mummy bloggers? People posting funny cat videos? Well, not anymore. Today’s savvy chef job seekers are blogging their way to success and new opportunities. Here’s why a blog can get you your next job. It’s your CV, only better. Everyone has a CV, but a […]