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18 Ready-to-use Commis Chef interview questions

While many employers continue to seek experienced chef de parties, kitchens are also actively recruiting for entry-level positions including commis chefs. In this competitive landscape, having a well-structured and efficient recruitment process is paramount. An integral part of this process is the face-to-face interview, where you’ll need to be equipped with questions that effectively assess […]

Digital Tips for Chef Patrons

26 Ideas to Improve Chef Retention

Amidst the worst chef talent shortage on record, it’s more crucial than ever to improve chef retention.. Especially as it costs between 6-9 months of a chefs salary to recruit and train a new hire. For a chef making £35,000 per year, that’s between £17,500 – £26,250  in recruiting and training costs! But there are […]

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3 Things Blocking Your Chef Recruitment Success

With so many chef recruitment openings and so few professional chefs available, it’s more important than ever to present your business in the best possible light when trying to hire. If you’re struggling to recruit chefs, take the time to review these three aspects of your business to honestly assess where you’re hitting the mark […]

Sous chef interview questions

Sous Chef Interview Questions

We’ve put together 21 ready to use sous chef interview questions for you. Read on for more… Despite what you might be reading online, not everyone on the planet is currently trying to hire a chef de partie. In fact, many businesses are looking for talented sous chefs to help their operations grow during these […]

Chef de Partie Interview Questions

21 Ready-to-use Chef de Partie Interview Questions

If you are looking for Chef de Partie interview questions that are ready to use, you’ve come to the right place! Currently, all chefs are in hot demand right now, but if there’s one hire in particular everyone seems to be trying to make it’s for a Chef de Partie. So, if you’re lucky enough […]

Chef Job Advert

Chef Job Advert Tips Used by Top Recruiters

Chef job advert tips you can use today! Currently chefs are in short supply and high demand. As anyone who’s recently tried to hire will tell you, getting replies to a chef job ad in number and quality is difficult at the moment – which is why you need to make sure that the job […]

Chef de partie job description

Chef de Partie Job Description

Not all Chef de Partie job description templates are the same AND when it comes to chef recruitment that matters. Why? Because chefs at this level are in extremely hot demand right now – making it more important than ever for businesses to have a great Chef de Partie job description in place that accurately […]

Head chef interview questions

Head Chef Interview Questions

Time really is of the essence when it comes to chef hire – and believe it or not – not everyone on the planet is currently trying to hire a CDP. In fact, many businesses are looking for great Head Chefs to help them thrive not just survive in these challenging operating times. A Head […]