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4 Mar, 2021

Chef, here’s what employers want to see in a CV

By Nick Baldwin, MD of DoMyCV. The process of reviewing a CV or resume (for chefs or any other profession for that matter) has been likened to going on a blind date – the reader is effectively meeting you for the first time and they will want to find out what they need to know […]

15 Jul, 2020

Head chef? Here’s 5 ways to boost the appeal of CV

5 ways to boost your head chef CV today The last few months have been tough and although we are starting to emerge from full lockdown, things are set to remain challenging for at least the rest of this year. However, companies are hiring and although competition can be stiff, now is the perfect time […]

9 Jun, 2020

Chef CV: How to handle job gaps and job hopping

With some countries starting to reopen for business as they move into the recovery phase of Covid-19, now may be the time to start thinking about reviewing your Chef CV. If you have a work history with gaps in it or have been prone to moving jobs frequently you’ll need to carefully present your experience within […]

22 Mar, 2020

Chef CV writing tips

Below is a collection of great CV writing tips to help you review and improve your CV during these very difficult times. Know the purpose of your CVThe objective of your CV is to land an interview, and the interview will land you the job (hopefully!). If you try to write your Chef CV with […]

20 Nov, 2015

Using a CV writing expert

The most important step in getting a job is getting past the initial ‘CV sift’ phase and securing an interview. Creating a CV that stands out from the crowd is the best thing you can do to secure that next chef opportunity, but being able to present your skills and experience in an attention-grabbing way […]

16 Nov, 2015

7 Tips for avoiding video CV mistakes

As a chef looking for work you’ve undoubtedly put together a CV that can be sent off to recruiters and used to apply for jobs posted online. This will focus on communicating a professional image of yourself and your career achievements to date. Increasingly though, jobseekers looking for hospitality roles need ways to stand out […]

13 Nov, 2015

CVs aren’t dead yet chef!

Even though we are seeing a move towards CV-less recruiting in more high-tech industry sectors, companies in general and certainly in hospitality are still recruiting with CVs. However, the idea that companies are just hiring based on the contents of a two-sided piece of A4 paper is no longer true. Most recruiters will also be […]

9 Nov, 2015

Why CV keywords matter in your chef CV

Years ago, when CVs were still sent to employers through the post, job seekers hoped details like a high-quality paper stock and unique, professional formatting would catch the eye of an employer. These days, things are a little different. First of all, it’s rare that employers even accept paper CVs anymore. Second, and more importantly, […]