3 Jan, 2022

10 Ways to reduce chef stress in the kitchen

Overwhelmed. Nervous. Exhausted. Agitated. Pained. All at once? If you’re like, well, pretty much every chef ever, you will often find yourself under a lot of pressure at work. And for many this has been made worse due to Covid-19, as they’ve gone from 0 to 100 almost as soon as lockdown ended. To help, […]

12 Dec, 2021

Top tips for hiring success with Only Chefs

If you’ve signed for our free trial, thinking about buying one of our recruitment products, or have recently purchased one, here are some top tips for hiring success with Only Chefs: TIP: Check salary, working conditions and benefits – are they up to scratch? Even as we start to emerge from Covid-19 we are in […]

31 Aug, 2021

Starting a restaurant: 10 top tips

Starting a restaurant when we are just begining to emerge from a global pandemic might seem like a properly stupid idea, but is it? We’ve all heard the word ‘pivot’ a lot over the last 18 months and for many of us this has meant a complete change in what we do for a living, […]

30 Jun, 2021

Chef exercises you can do at work

Chef exercises you can do at work If you’re a chef its probably been a while (due to Covid-19) since you’ve spent long periods of time in the kitchen. So, with this in mind and in the hope we can all hold off those aching feet, legs and back for a while, we’ve found some […]

30 May, 2021

How to negotiate your chef pay rise

Negotiating your chef pay – 9 tips As we slowly emerge from lockdown your chef skills are in enormous demand so now is the time to negotiate a pay rise. However, pay rises are often a minefield to navigate so it’s important to know how best to negotiate in order to get what you want. […]

17 Apr, 2021

Chef jobs: Dealing with a tasting interview

Dealing with a tasting interview Depending on the chef job you’re going for you will almost certainly be asked to do a tasting inerview.  The tasting may be market basket based, a creative tasting that you can partially prepare, or simply a run through of some of the property’s signature dishes. Generally tastings show a […]

4 Mar, 2021

Chef, here’s what employers want to see in a CV

By Nick Baldwin, MD of DoMyCV. The process of reviewing a CV or resume (for chefs or any other profession for that matter) has been likened to going on a blind date – the reader is effectively meeting you for the first time and they will want to find out what they need to know […]